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VCard Sender, is your CURE of living both private and business use, why? Because only VCard Sender can provide the sophisticated management of your Current contacts information, while maintaing complete control of the contact information decide to share from your Address Book. VCard Sender allows better utilization and resource management, then Effortless means to share the contact information you want.

VCard Sender is one of your convenient applications that allows you to set up, manage VCards from any entry in your Address Book, organized them into Favorites or Groups of Vcards and be saved for future reuse. Send multiple Vcards from your device by Email, iMessage or Airdrop.

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For OSX, iPad and iPhone
ZIP Finder../Zip_Finder/ZIP_Finder.html

Want to can save time and effort planning destinations bases on ZIP Codes? ZIP Finder can measure the distance between any United States ZIP Code in miles or kilometers, you can print and email maps, find all the ZIP Codes within 1 to 100 mile radius of your current location or a selected ZIP Code target, easily search ZIP Codes by ZIP Code number, Cities or States.

Map the all the ZIP Code locations in Standard, Hybrid or Satellite display modes, a circular centre displays the ZIP Codes area for all the ZIP Codes displayed in your selected Target area.

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Translator Pro../Translator_Pro/Translator_Pro.html

Have you wanted to communicate in a different language, but having difficulty expressing it? Learn a new dialect without enrolling in a language school or have to buy a translation book? Translation Pro will be a there to help you solve your problems, translate up to 42 languages into individual words or full sentences then hear them as audio translations, Translation Pro supports 18 speakable languages. 

Translator Pro is an convenient, indispensable and useful application for any individuals that spending a quality time for holiday or business trip abroad. Type in your own sentences for translation or modify one of the 250 stored popular sentences that are categorized for quick browsing and searching.

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