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Calculate Sales Tax or VAT from any Country in seconds!

Sales Tax Pro is a very simple, handy and helpful utility application intended for travellers, business people or any one that needs to calculate Sales Tax or VAT amounts. Sales Tax Pro allows you to enter an amount and then choose the Sales Tax or VAT from over 240 different countries, you can show amounts with Tax included or added to the amount entered.

Sales Tax Pro organizes taxes by regions and multiple VAT rates are available for countries with more than one standard rate. Sales Tax Pro also includes a Tip Calculator to splitting restaurant bills easy and simple based on the Country and selected Tax rate, so you can keep track the exact price you pay for the food, material, book, transportation with the additional sales tax rate using Sales Tax Pro.

The absolutely and reliable Sales Tax Pro for people who travel,food lover or need to calculate TAX or Tips.


• Calculate Sales Tax or VAT rate and Total value as you enter the amount bill.

• Calculate Tax included or added to the amount entered.

• Calculate Tax using built in calculator for rechecking the result.

• Customize Sales Tax for those countries which has different Tax rate.

• Allow you to find the final price, tax, tip, split amount with friends.

• Allow you to send via email, iMessage, twitter, Facebook or copy all the calculations to the clipboard.

• Automatically enter the specific Tax with specific rates what country/region you want.

• Deduct the Tax from a total price to find the specific/pre tax price.

Sales Tax Pro share you the Convenient, Agreeable, Dynamic application which is Wise beyond all others”

Sales Tax Pro
For OS X, iPad and iPhone
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