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Keep track time anywhere you are in the world!

Time Zone Menu Bar helps you to track current time and time zone information for multiple cities, because no matter how much you travel, keeping track of the time zones can be a real problem. Display over 400 Times Zones Clocks then search by city or country to find exactly what Time Zones Clocks you want to view. Time Zone Menu Bar also includes a customizable menu bar clock that can be colored and customized to your personal time displaying needs.


• Shows month, date and time in Menu Bar.

• 11 custom features to change the date and time display.

• Add color to you Menu bar by changing the color of the Date Icon or Time display.

• Menu Bar or Time Zone Clocks can display 12 hours or 24 hours time formats.

• Accurate local Time Zones for a large selection of cities around the world with Flag Icons.

• Search over 400 Time Zones stored by Country, City or Time Zone Area.

• Automatic Day Light Saving (DST) adjustment based on the current year.

• Customize the Clock display name or adjust the time zone plus or minus one hour.

• Use the Clock offset to easily find the time up to 12 hours behind or ahead of the current time (What time is 6 hours from now?).

• Drag and drop any Time Zone Clock to change the order or drag a Time Zone out of the main view to delete the clock.

• Easily customize the number Time Zone Clock you want to display in the scrollable collection view (3, 6, or 12 Clocks).

• Night time clock option to distinguished if its 6pm - 6am black and white for 6am - 6pm.

• Smooth second hand movement for Time Zone Clocks.

• Digital Clock and Analog Clock views.

Time Zone Menu Bar helps you keep track time anywhere you are in the world”

Time Zones Menu Bar
For OS X